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Handcrafted fertilizer instantly improves the quality of your plants and produce. Whether it’s wheat or sunflowers, we use ONLY the finest 100% organic ingredients and compost to produce these nutrient-rich fertilizers.


Our team began exploring the soil that produces organic food plants during the pandemic. We have spent months of discovery, research, and exploration into the world of compost which has led us into developing recipes for fertilizer production.   Our veganic fertilizer improves the soil for growing healthy foods that are sold in markets and served to your family.  Our fertilizer feeds the soil that feeds the plants.

Our veganic nutrient fertilizer has no pesticides, insecticides, chemicals, manure, or other animal byproducts.  Veganic nutrients are produced from mulch, vegetable compost, and other plant-based products for fertility.

“My tomatoes taste AMAZING!”

Since we've been in quarantine, I decided to take up a hobby. I stumbled across the Veganic Fertilizer and thought I'd give it a try. I am no gardener, but followed the instructions and am now able to eat my tomatoes. My tomatoes taste AMAZING! I love them so much I want to plant more.
Brittney Murray

Quality Produce

Produce you can trust, with only the best 100% organic ingredients. That mean No pesticides, insecticides, or animal byproducts.

community planting sessions

We are bringing healthier food to our local community by teaching children how to plant and tend to a garden. We host both in-person planting events, teach communities how to grow vertical gardens and have a YouTube channel to expand our reach. We also serve our communities by donating Veganic Compost to Schools and local organizations interested in sustainability and developing Organic Gardens.

decrease carbon footprint

Our fertilizer is not only great for beautiful gardens and delicious produce. It also provides a means for growers to reduce their carbon footprint with the use of Organic Compost or Natural Organic fertilizer to grow products.

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